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Church of St. Gothard – Žehuň

Originally a Romanesque church built from the foundation of the Opatovice Monastery. The first mention comes from 1137, and it was consecrated to St. Gothard only six years after his canonisation. The current church was built in the period 1753–1762, and it falls into the artistic circle of East Bohemian late Baroque.

zehun            kostnicezehun

Baroque ossuary – Žehuň

It was probably used as a mortuary, built in the period 1765–1766 following the design by architect František Kermer, who probably also built the neighbouring church of St. Gothard. The ossuary is built from white marlstone, with the ground plan almost forming a regular square, and it seems to have no cellar.

The ossuary interior is designed as a free space with decorative placement of human bones in the shape of the letter U. The walls from human bones are 2.5 meters high and 60 cm thick, and they are also accessible through a small corridor by the eastern and southern wall. They are supported with a wooden construction, but the bones don’t seem to be attached to each other in any way. They are organised in several layers, with the skulls alternating with bones from limbs, and in several spots the remaining bones are organised into the shape of the St. Andrew’s cross.

If you’re interested in a tour of the ossuary, you can book it in advance via e-mail: tvrdikovaludmila@seznam.cz. The ossuary cannot be visited without a prior booking confirmation.

Žehuňský pond

The Žehuňský pond is the largest pond in Central Bohemia and the ninth largest in the Czech Republic. The water surface is 258 ha. With its length of 5.5 km, it ranks among the longest ponds in the Czech Republic. At the deepest point it is 6 metres deep. It lies 204 m above sea level. The pond is an important natural reserve for water birds and plants.

The Žehuňský pond is situated in the direct vicinity of the village Žehuň. The area is difficult to access. There are no pathways, there is only one path that leads on the northern border of the reserve to the Choťovice train station. The meadows on the southern side are accessible over a bridge by the hamlet Korce.

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Libice nad Cidlinou

The town of Libice nad Cidlinou is situated in Polabí (a lowland basin) close to the spa town of Poděbrady. The river Cidlina runs through the town, feeding into the Labe river not far away from the village. Libice saw its greatest expansion and heyday in the mid-10th century, when the Slavniks moved their seat there from the nearby town of Kouřim. The fight between the prince dynasties for the rule of Bohemia ended in 995 with the burning out of Libice and slaughtering of its population. The town was declared a conservation area for its cultural, historical and archaeological significance in 1961.

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King Ottokar II of Bohemia built a stone castle here in the period 1262–1268, which was later gradually converted into today’s castle. The masterdom saw a great expansion with the masters from Kunštát. The most famous representative of this dynasty was the Czech King George of Poděbrady. His sons promoted Poděbrady to a town in 1472. In 1905, a mineral spring was drilled in the courtyard of the castle, and in the following decades the town became a famous spa, specialising especially in the treatment of heart and circulatory system conditions. 

Boat cruises on the River Labe: half-hour cruises from Poděbrady either to the junction of Labe and Cidlina or in the direction to Nymburk. More information and cruise schedules at www.kraljiri.cz.


Its historical centre was declared an urban conservation area in 1989. There are Baroque houses on Charles Square, a Neo-Renaisannce town hall, a plague column and a fountain. The town is dominated by St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral, originally of an early Gothic style from the second half of the 13th century. Petr Parléř participated in its conversion to a Gothic cathedral at the end of the 14th century. It is a national cultural heritage.

Řepařská drážka – A renovated part of the route of the oldest “beet root track” in Polabí offers a nice trip by train pulled by a steam or diesel locomotive on a narrow-gauge track.

You can find the pricelist and schedule at http://zeleznicka.bloudil.cz/

Within 45 km of the hotel

Kutná Hora

In Kutná Hora you will find a great number of historical monuments, the most famous of which is possibly the Cathedral of St. Barbara. From an architectural point of view, it is a five-nave Gothic cathedral. The reason for its construction is entirely unique. Since the start, it was meant to be a large representative building initiated by rich burgers of Kutná Hora.

The history of Kutná Hora is inseparable from the extraction of silver ores. In the Middle Ages, by the end of the 13th century, the local area provided about one third of the silver production in Europe.

List of monuments in Kutná Hora: Church of St. James, Arch-Deanery, Hrádek, Cathedral of St. Barbara, Jesuit College, Stone Fountain, Stone House, Corpus Christi Chapel, Ursuline Convent, Church of Virgin Mary “Na Náměsti”, Church of St. John from Nepomuk, Sedlec monastery, Plague column, Sankturin House, Valachian (Vlašský) Courtyard.

Kutná Hora

More information at http://www.kutnahora.cz/

Bobsleigh track – It was built in 2006 in the sports centre Klimeška. Thanks to its length of 1565 m, the bobsleigh track is the longest track in the Czech Republic and the second longest in Europe. The bobsleigh track is uniquely placed on three slopes of a hill with an elevation difference of 42 m. More information at http://www.bobovadrahakutnahora.cz/


The castle of Loučeň is a romantic Baroque monument with original interiors. It is surrounded by a large English park, which has been recently enriched by one European rarity: a set of 11 labyrinths and mazes. The castle offers tours, picnics and competitions in the castle park.


The family park Mirakulum is situated in an area of 10 hectares in Milovice. It offers all-day activities for the whole family. You will find several dozens of game elements here, a minizoo or a forest nature trail – all this with an original design and integrated into the greenery. More information at http://www.mirakulum.cz/


You can see more than 70 kinds of animals from all the continents (except for Antarctica) in the zoological garden Chleby, and a great number of plants (e.g., many kinds of bamboo). More information at http://www.zoochleby.cz/

Sports activities in the area

Water world | Kolín

The water world was built in 2006 by a conversion from a swimming pool to a modern aquapark. There is an outdoor and an indoor area, sports ground, and relaxation services both in the water and on dry land.

Attractions: Indoor swimming pool 25 m, large outdoor pool 50 m, indoor water slide 75 m, outdoor water slide 45 m, multi-lane slide, children’s pools and wading pool, relaxation pool, artificial waves, children’s water slides, whirlpools, evening swimming with music, steam room.

More information at http://www.vodnisvetkolin.cz/

Golf | Poděbrady

18-hole golf course, more information and booking at http://www.golfpodebrady.cz/

Riding hall | Poděbrady

Children’s rides or training in the riding hall. More information and booking at http://jkchotanky.cz/